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FALL 2018 UPDATE: Graduate School allocations to all units have been reduced for the 2018-19 Academic Year as a result of budget reductions. Deans and unit heads have all been notified about reductions to their affected units. Please make sure you verify with your Dean or Unit Head regarding GA allocations to departments and divisions for the upcoming year.

IMPORTANT - Please make sure that information regarding the funding source is entered correctly in the system. For positions funded by the Graduate School, please make sure to identify the Graduate School as the Funding Source and 200100 as the Funding Org. Because of reductions to operating funds, the Graduate School may no longer be able to correct funding for GA positions erroneously charged to departmental budgets.

STIPEND LEVEL Please note that the stipend levels will remain at $11,200 for the 2018-19 Academic Year. Please review all stipend levels to make sure they are correct before submitting nominations for Fall 2018

SYSTEM NOTICE: The Renew Nominations link has been updated. Hiring Managers may now begin posting GA renewals for the Fall 2018 semester.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you review all of the following information carefully before posting or renewing GA positions for Fall 2018. Please contact Demita Kubala in the Graduate School if you have any questions.

All GA positions funded by the Graduate School will receive a partial tuition waiver. Full time GA's will be granted a tuition waiver of 6 credit hours of graduate tuition. Half time positions will recieve a waiver of 3 credit hours of graduate tuition.

In cases where GA positions are supported by grants, departmental, or other funds the funding source is expected to provide the tuition waiver as well as the stipend. Approved exceptions may be made for units that provided GA funding without the waiver prior to the implementation of the tuition waiver program. Contact the Graduate School if you have questions about the impact of the tuition waiver on departmentally funded GA posisitons. Programs that are unable to provide funding for the tuition waiver should consider hiring students as student workers through HR, rather than as Graduate Assistants.

Any GA employed on campus in any additional capacity (student worker, part-time faculty, etc.) MUST receive approval for any additional employment. Information and approval forms are posted on the Graduate School website.

An Educational Justification must be provided for ALL GA positions. A Graduate Assistantship should clearly be related to the student's academic program. Graduate Assistants should not be used for clerical or general administrative work. Position requests that do not include an appropriate educational justification will not be approved.

Additional Information

  • All new nominations must be posted through the New Nominations link and must include an OES Number at the time of submission.
  • The Edit Nominations page has been changed so that Hiring Managers may only edit nominations prior to signature by the chair or after they hae been returned by approvers for corrections.
  • The Chair, Dean, and/or Graduate School will be able to Return for Correction any nominations with missing, erroneous or incomplete information. Returned nominations will appear on a list under the Edit Nominations menu. An email notification will be sent to the Hiring Manger for any Returned nominations along with a brief description of the correction required.
  • New Search functions have been added so that Hiring Managers may search the database for previous GA nominations either by last name (or first letter(s) of last name) or EKU student ID.

General Instructions: Chairs & Deans

Users can review and approve nominations using the Sign Nominations link. Chair approvals are sent to the Dean for review to assure funded positions are consistent with departmental allocations. Nominations signed by the Dean are then forwarded to the Graduate School.

Registered users must Log In using their designated user account and GAIN password. Registered users can have their user password sent to their EKU Email account at any time by clicking on the Forgot Your Password? link on the Log In page. Registered users can change their password using the Change Password link on the main menu.

You may check the status of your nominations at any time using the View Nominations link on the main menu.

IMPORTANT: All GA Positions must first be posted in the HR Online Employment System.